Bluetooth Robot-3

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The final physical looking of the Blueooth robot.


This thing looks like a toy, isn’t it? Well, this(robot chassis/mechanism) is taken from two toy cars. Then the extra portion are cut off and glued together and then formed like a chassis. I will post images later. This is done to save some cash and waste more time in thinking and making a chassis on own hand.


Due to the reason that i am not capable of spending a lot of money to my projects i have made this myself. The commercially available chassis are of too much costly for me.


Though the has 4 wheels, it has no conventional steering. How would it take a turn? The answer is simple. The chassis work in the same basic principle like a tank. When wheels of both side moves on same speed, the car goes straight. When either of the side wheels are slowed down/stopped, it will take turn in that side. It can also take turn on its own position by moving the side wheels in opposite direction.

You see, I have added two optical reflection sensor on both front and back side to avoid collision.  when the car is about to collide a wall in front/back of it, it stops and moves to opposite direction to avoid collision. It can sense approx.1-2 cm distance depends on the wall/obstacle color. I will upload the code with the two sensors and explain about the codes later.


Batch script to prepare Windows 7 Bootable Pendrive.

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Its easy to prepare Windows 7 Bootable Pendrive if you know some commands. However, you will forget the commands and their sequence easily when you need to setup windows next time later. To overcome this problem i created a script for myself. I think it will be useful to you also.

Write the following commands to a text file and save it with .bat extension e.g PreparePendrive.bat and then right click on it and click Run as Administrator. But Beware:

  1. Keep a backup of the contents of your pendrive because it will be formatted.
  2. You have one hard disk in your computer and one pendrive. there is no other drive plugged in.

And then copy all the contents of the Windows 7 Bootable DVD to the pendrive. And Its ready to boot..

del DskPrtCmd.txt
ECHO LIST DISK >> DskPrtCmd.txt
ECHO SELECT DISK 1 >> DskPrtCmd.txt
ECHO CLEAN >> DskPrtCmd.txt
ECHO ACTIVE >> DskPrtCmd.txt
ECHO ASSIGN >> DskPrtCmd.txt
ECHO EXIT >> DskPrtCmd.txt

diskpart /s DskPrtCmd.txt
del DskPrtCmd.txt

Or if you are too lazy, download it from here:

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