Wifi Robot

June 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Its about a wifi robot that i am planning to build.

I have spent a lot-lot more time in the internet. And still doing that damn thing. I am losing the hours of my limited lifetime on the internet. I is not the subject i want to say, so, I will say about this matter later.

Ok, while browsing the internet about electronics project, I have found a wonderful eye-catching project that forced me to change my plan, and changed the way i think to achieve something(making a RC car/robot).

And it’s here.

Its a awesome project. I have planned to collect the router and other parts and build it in earlier 2009.

But the router Linksys WRT54GL seems not available everywhere(I mean most of the computer selling shops) in Bangladesh. I didn’t lose hope. I continued searching and found it in the ending of(september-october) 2011. It was a little bit overpriced for me. I was doing a job at that time and my salary was 6500/-BDT but the router costs approx 6000 BDT. I started to keep some money savings every month for buying that shit.

At the middle of 2012 i found a second-hand WRT54G from a person. It costs 2200/-BDT. I was so excited but after starting to install linux in it i was hopeless this time. It was WRT54G V5 and has a big difference from WRT54GL . Though both are looks alike. I have succeded to install DD-WRT firmware into it. And I was more hopeless when i saw the cost of a simple ip camera is over 15000/-BDT in Bangladesh. It was heartbreaking for me.

I was searching for a low cost wifi-camera-robot solution. Then at a wonderful time(it got wonderful when i found it) I found a solution.

Some routers(high cost) have a built-in usb port. If we install OPENWRT into that router and some software packages, we will be able to add a USB Webcam/flash drive/harddisk/Printer/USB-to -com port converter/Whatever you mean cause its linux operating system.

Then i searched for low cost usb routers, found some, and picked out a choice from one of them by cost/lightweight/small footprint etc.etc.

It was TL-MR-3020 Details here


I have planned to make the wifi robot with the router. How to do some of the work of  this project. Here.

Then installed OPENWRT . Details here.

You can follow all above the para <Installing LuCi WebGUI>. Or here.

All seemed well but i have managed to brick the router for my fault. And i have succeeded to recover it at next day, after more than 4 hours of work. Details here.

And after success, i have collected a 1GB pendrive from one of my friends. and attached it as a additional memory of MR3020. Details here.

Ok. Thanks for coming to my blog. More about this matter will come out later. Till then………


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