MTB Fork, Disk Breaks Repairing

May 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

I own a MTB, hehe… a low cost one, as i am an undergraduate student. I have no nearest repairing shop where i live.

A week ago in one day, it started raining, and i Ā got crazier enough that day to have a wet ride on my MTB in the rain.

After the ride, the i am and the bike also covered fully with the mud. I have a shower and cleaned the bike enough that it had a newer look šŸ™‚ .

Then the real problem arises, the fork is jammed. I have oiled it and cleaned it that it works perfectly again.

And the next morning i wondered that the brakes are not working. I observed the brake caliper unit carefully and discovered that the oil from the fork got over spilled and got into front brake caliper, pad and the disk unit and that is why the brake is not working.

I have discussed some bikers, they have said that i need to change te brake pads and wash the disk with soap and detergent. I have not enough money at that time to change the pads, i have washed the pads and disk but it still not working, though improved

Then i searched on google, after 3 hrs of browsing, i got a real instruction, i applied that, and i got a working brake like a new one HURRAY !!!!!!!

Here is it :

1. Open your wheels to easily open the pads, then open the pads by a small flat scerew driver and a long nose pliers if u have one.

2. Burn the two pads by a gas burnerĀ untilĀ all of the oil is vaporized. Don’t overheat or burn too much that it got damaged. If there is too much oil, you need to clean those by thinner, then burn out the thinner. And you can repeat the process multiple time like, burn, cool down, burn, cool down…………..

3. Now, give it some time to naturally cool down.

4. Now clean its face by a sandpaper, don’t rub too much, just clean the face that touches the disk.

5. Clean the disk with a clean cloth.

6. Install the pads carefully, then attach the wheels.


Now, Go Out And RideĀ do not get over excited, it will take several braking attempt to work perfectly again.



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