Repairing Of My Laptop

February 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve bought a second hand laptop from one of my friends. The company name is “Founder”. It is a china company that produces cheap laptops.

I bought the laptop with some problems. I have no intention to own a laptop at this time but the laptop seems to more problematic and useless to my friend. I just wanted to help him to get rid of it and buy a new branded laptop. And of course, I wanted to have new toy at my lab(hehe) to do my experiments with it.

After using it a week, the problems of the laptop makes me angry, and i just wanted to open it.

Yeah i have opened it, solved some of the problems. It takes me a total of 5 hours(A whole holiday) to learn how to open a laptop(HaHA).

The problems was :

  • Both buttons of the touchpad are not working, but the touchpad is still working. I have wanted to replace those buttons but those are mounted on the motherboard so, i have opened those button by cutting the four plastic dots over the button. I have cleaned the inside of the button with a tiny matchstick and tissues.
  • The processor is overheating, I have no blowers, so I opened the heatsink assembly to clean the cooling fan, I have also found there that IC compound is not on the right place. I have opened the cooling fan unit to clean it, and found that every hole or every duct(whatever it calls) is filled with a 4mm layer of dust and fur. I’ve cleaned those all and put the IC compound on the right place again.
  • The DVD rom drive not working. I’ve opened it also but after that i have realized that i have nothing to do with it. There is only one way : Replace It.
  • The batteries keep charge about two seconds, currently i am making a thesis on it.

Here is some pic and description of the whole 5hour process.



Opening The Harddisc, Battery And Back Little Covers.


Opening The Whole Back Cover.


Opening The Heatsink Also, A Close Shot.

Sorry, I was so much busy at the moment i have opened the motherboard and repairing the buttons. I forgot to pick a photo.


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