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July 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

I just finished the project of atmega32 and usbasploader with arduino 0022. After one week of embarrassing try and fail, try and fail at last i have succeeded . i wanna tell details about later till then………

ok at last, i’ve some time lets roll………………

At first i have built a circuit of usbasploader with atmega 8.


it needs winavr and avrdude to compile/flash the microcontroller

from here :
i’ve built usbasp programmer to program the microcontroller but that is another long story……………………

It takes the higher 2kb of memory for bootloader. I have 6kb of memory to run all of my arduino projects. I was happy with it. I have tested the ir remote, ds18b20, hd74480, analog, digital pins, 3310 lcd projects successfully within the 6kb of memory  but suddenly i ran out of memory when i have wanted to run sd card or other higher complex projects.

The atmega 328 or 168 is not available to my country so, i want to use atmega 16 or 32. But there is a problem they have not compiled or give support(pin out, fusebit settings) for this type of microcontrollers.

So, it seems that  i am alone on my own way.  I have already bricked 7 of atmega8 by trying usbasp and usbasploader and that is another tragic story. I have totally bricked 9 of them and sucessfully recovered 2 of them by avr fusebit doctor from here special thanks to manekinen for helping us with his projects.

Ok , moreabout this comes later, till then………….


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